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Hannover Rug Show Domotex Coffee Break in Hannover Germany

Start your brisk morning at Hannover Germany Domotex Show with a fabulous cup of coffee and delightful European Croissant.  Yes, it is delicious and you will feel guilty, but you do so much walking you’ll burn it off fast!

Domotex Hannover Germany Daily Commute to the Hannover Fairs Rug ShowDomotex Rug Show in Hannover Germany, Everyone rides bikes!

Catch everyone biking it to work or walking to work!  This is a site to see, when you see so many on bikes, and it isn’t just the under 40 group doing this either! The traffic seems pretty light in Hannover compare New York, Chicago or Los Angeles in the USA, as many of take our cars or cab it.  (OK, some of us train it) But, in Hannover you see so many people biking it (even in the dead of winter) the traffic wasn’t obnoxious.

Domotex Hannover Charming Streets in Germany Hannover Fairs on the Way to WorkDomotex Rug Show offers Hannover Old Buildings to Site See on the Way to Work

They say, “Getting there is half the fun!”.  This is certainly the case as you make your way to the train heading over to the Domotex Rug and Carpet Show in Hannover.  If you are an interior designer, architect who loves old buildings or a furniture buyer with a keen eye, you will love your commute to the show!  It is the nooks and crannies and wonderful old buildings, parks and churches that keep you wanting to seem more of this city while you do business at Domotex.  OK, we know…the sources, the business…we’re getting there. We just had to take a moment to smell the roses!

Domotex Rug Fair at Hannover Fairs in Germany offers Antique style vintage Turkish Kilims with Rose Pattern! Buy Rugs You Love!

Meet  Guney Carpet or Weavart.net.  We are partial to roses and this particular source seems to have the same passion!  The rose patterns of these unusual tapestry tightly woven tightly kilims were amazing!  There was also the patch work version of the rose kilims that were also very striking.  Be sure to connect with this source; Feti, the manager of Guney Carpet was a lovely man with a lovely smile with beautiful quality rugs.  We love his link on his city of Istanbul…on his website too! Maybe we stop by for a visit, Feti and see your happy smile again!

Domotex Kilim Rugs by Turkish Vendor from Istanbul with Old World European Style Rugs! Buy Rugs You Love!

Be sure to visit with some of our other Domotex Stars…like Jan Kath …and read a little bit about this very talented European Carpet Designer who we drove crazy!(Germany’s Designer Darling)   One of our favorite online rug videos features the talented rug designer star of Domotex Hannover Germany here …Sex, Rugs and Rock and Roll…yeah baby!

You mustn’t stop at Jan Kath though!  One of the most classic designs with elegance but an organic flavor is being created by Jaipur Rugs of Jaipur, India.  Jenny Jones is the Australian designer and  the online video here gives you an ideas of what great energy these families evoke, visit the Jaipur Jenny Jones Family Online Video! This inviting and loving group of people offer outstanding designer rugs (see our favorite rugs here!) and have a passion for making a difference in the world.  This rug company grows as the next generation of the Jaipur family is carrying the torch forward and is making a genuine social difference in the world!  Find out more about what this socially responsible rug company is doing to change the lives for some of the people of India! read more here as they set the precedent.

Domotex Hannover Rug Carpet shows in Hannover Germany Ideas! Buy Rugs You Love!Domotex Rug Show, have a German or French Glass of Wine on the Way home from Domotex Rug Show in Germany!Buy Rugs You Love!

Finally, as you commute your way back to your hotel, you can’t afford to miss out on one old charming Hannover street in Germany we stumbled upon with one of the tastiest wines with Christel Kuhlmann. Her small and charming wine shop (we bought the best tasting reds & whites for about $13.00 USD per bottle…amazing wine from France and Germany) We love discovering our gems in the rough!

Search for more traditional rugs here, modern area rugs here or oriental rug ideas from Buy Furniture You Love.org!

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Home Accents, Today Designer Rug Ideas, Carpet Designs for a Better Tomorrow by Jaipur Rugs and Designer Jenny Jones! Buy Rugs You Love!


Have you ever wondered, “Is it possible to have enough money, live well, have everything you need and help others without neglecting you and your family?”.  This is a question that seems reasonable, but when you actually dissect the question and think about living it, we mean, authentically implementing it….well, I think that’s where many people and companies ponder.  Can your company or family have the ability to unleash this fear, let it go and trust all will be ok to do this? Now, meet some of the Jaipur family. The living proof of this concept is A- ok. A role model to society.

Meet these Stars of Domotex Rug Show at Hannover Germany!

When we first met a few of the Jaipur family and the Jenny Jones family it seemed reasonable enough to conclude this was a very successful company.  They presented beautiful rugs designed by a fabulous designer Jenny Jones from Australia. The quality was excellent and the attention to detail in their booth at Domotex Rug Show Hannover Germany was impeccable.  The staff was professional and courteous.   Yes, it had the smell of success.    It was subtle and earthy with no pretentiousness whatsoever, but eluded to a good value for the high level of quality. They made a strong  statement with their products every step of they way, yet made it look effortless. (but we could tell the hard work behind it!)


We spent some time just taking in the booth, the designer rug products, watched  the buyers hanging out and observing the client base.  We finished up exploring the visual of Jaipur and Jenny Jones collection, we left thanking them for allowing us the time in their booth.  But, we knew that night we weren’t done.  There was more in this booth. A lot more.  The ambience of thought and love flowed in this space and we knew we had to return to savor a bit more the next day.  Let us tell you a bit of what we felt;

There was a presence of family unity with the Jaipur family and the Jenny Jones family.   Jenny Jones named her collection,  “Connextion” and we felt it before she even told us what the name “Connextion” was all about.  This is also because the rugs that are produced by the people for Jaipur, Jenny Jones collection take 9 months to make.  These women create masterpieces that will feed and take care of their families from producing one rug.  Jenny Jones has a label  on the back of each rug  so a client can be aware of who hand made this rug for them and what village they are from. Jenny Jones is committed in letting the world  know the hands behind these incredible pieces of work, she wants her customers to know the real people behind these rugs, understand their lives and what their investment in the rug will not only do to beautify their living space, but how they are making a difference for a family in one of the many villages where these rugs are being made.  She wants her clients to know their is gratitude from the Jaipur women of these Indian villages and their appreciation for clients enjoying their hand work.  Jenny is making the connection from the dichotomy of these two worlds.  There is a story to tell and Jenny is determined in a creative, business and philanthropic way with the Jaipur family of how to tell it.  You could call her family and the Jaipur family starting the ambassadorship of social responsibility between two very different worlds, with designer rugs.

Jenny is;  the cream to the coffee, the jalapeno pepper on the enchilada…the cherry on top of a tall ice cream sundae! With her chirpy Australian accent, Jenny Jones confided in us and  said when she was searching for a company to produce her designs she looked feverishly for the right rug producer. When she met the Jaipur family, she thought and knew, “This is it, these are the right people to create the rugs”….but it wasn’t just the shear large size of their company and the powerhouse they are that swayed her.  It was more than that, far more…it was what they are doing on a social level. That was the deal maker for her.  Hence, the connection became real. See our favorites from the Collection here!

Funny how life works that way isn’t it? The law of attraction and power of the universe. Amazing stuff.  This is the important home accents news comes  today;  The Jaipur family and now the Jenny Jones family, is a  model for corporate social responsibility.  Jaipur has created a foundation that provides villages across India with aid in sanitation, health, education and women’s empowerment programs.  Their ultimate goal: breaking the cycle of poverty that has plagued these communities for centuries and providing the tools to make them self sustaining for the long term. Read more about their foundation here.

There is so much more we would like to see and share with you of what this exceptional company and uniting of these two families are creating, producing and ultimately making a social difference in the world.  Stay tuned and perhaps our next vlog will be from India with more of Jaipur and the Awesome Aussie Jenny Jones Family !

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Home Accents, Today Designer Rugs Ideas, Open Door to Buyers at Domotex Hannover Germany! Buy Rugs You Love!

Germanys stars!  At the Domotex Show in Germany you won’t find a dazzling roster of special events from the Vegas Strip  or a social media bar hot spot to help you with twitter, or catch a glimpse of a well known model or celebrity talking about their licensed  products with a lot of media attention.   You can pretty much plan on erasing the Hollywood novelty out of Hannover. None of that is there.   But, we will tell you what you will find.  The stars of Germany are the actual designers and manufacturers of rugs, such as Jan Kath, Jenny Jones of Jaipur (and more to come!) They aren’t models by day and designers by night, they are the real deal.  These individuals wake up in the morning and make a living by what you see. They nurture and savor the craft they have a passion for.

Shortly you will see more of this unique vendor, Muharrem Aslan from Istanbul, Turkey. They have a unique concept for each country and it’s no run of the mill source. Make sure you stay tuned when we share more of the love for these rugs!

Back to the show…you will find yourself in complete focus and attention on the unique products and sources.  Perhaps it was the lack of distraction of all the novelty events, perhaps it was the simplicity of how the show ran and was presented.  This clear focus at the Domotex show was on the people who make the rugs and the products they featured.   It was simple, easy, abundant and efficient.  We couldn’t believe how many quality sources  we had discovered in a such a short period of time! This left us the time to further enjoy this very charming city and treat ourselves to some of Hannovers delights!

You may wonder about the cost.  Yes, we were a bit concerned about the cost of everything as we climbed  aboard the plane and feared our dollars would diminish as we flew over the ocean.  But, even with the euro currency being stronger than the dollar we were very surprised by our experience.  Being veterans of  USA trade shows, we always knew we had to suck it up when we went to market and pay much higher prices than what things would normally cost back home.  That is just the way it is, right? That’s how these industries make their money…at market times, right? Being conditioned to this type of expense made it quite easy when we landed in Germany. Prices were basically competitive to what we paid at market time, (with the conversion of euro to dollar) but the clincher was the “quality” in almost everything we experienced was much, much better at Hannover than back at home at the US trade show markets.  Maybe it was a run of luck in Germany, maybe not.  Either way, we loved every minute, can’t wait to return & encourage you to open this door to discover & experience!  We can pretty much promise you that you won’t regret the experience at the very least.

As always,  see some of the favorites for designer modern rugs, unique traditional rug sources and oriental rug ideas at Buy Furniture You Love.org

Stay tuned as we will continue to share more of our adventures at Hannover at Domotex and Thank  you,  thank  you , thank  you   as always to following and sharing the love!

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Home Accents, Today Designer Rugs & Unique Designer Area Rug Ideas by Jan Kath, New York! Buy Rugs You Love!

Home accents today for designer area rug ideas & modern design! Buy Rugs You Love!

Jan Kath,  Domotex Hannover Germany’s Winning Little Darling!

Jan Kath is a not just any ordinary rug designer.  Jan’s rug collection, (which he features his new collections at the Domotex Hannover Germany Show) is bold and sharp.   However, with the ability to create custom rugs, your specifications to change is this artists canvas.

Jan Kath hand picks his trading partners carefully, so you won’t necessarily find these unique rugs at the local shopping mall.  He recently opened up  close to the Marlborough  Gallery and Pace Gallery in New York (555 West 25th Street)  Recently the British Magazine, “Cover” celebrated the inauguration of the Manhattan store with the words “Kath is going global” and predicted that “it is only  a matter of time until another Jan Kath Shop opens in a town near you…”.  We have a better bet, if a quality company  hasn’t signed him up for a licensing deal yet….someone best take note. Kath is fresh with design innovation and genuine integrity.

Buy Designer Area Rugs & Home Accents Today for Urban Home Decorating! Buy Rugs You Love!

The matrix for his innovative designs is formed by a relationship to carpets with deep emotional roots:  he is from the third generation of a family of carpet dealers who have branches in the Ruhr and in Berlin.  When he was just a young boy he and his father used to visit manufacturers in Iran and Nepal.  These experiences trained his eye and awakened a fundamental understanding of color combinations and proportions.  At the same time, Kath never wanted to follow in the footsteps of his parents, and he never intended to continue running their business for them.  In order to find his own way, he traveled through Asia  and the Middle East when he was 20 years old.  During this trip, he wound up, more or less accidentally, in Nepal  There, friends of his family offered him the opportunity to start working as a quality controller in their carpet production business.  His connection to the world of carpets was then reestablished.  Later, Kath took control of the manufacturing process and began to produce his own designs.

Inspired by numerous trips through vibrant world cities like Paris, Istanbul, New York, Tokyo, Beirut, Sydney and last but not least, his home- the Ruhr, with its archaic industrial culture- he quickly developed an individual signature.  Although, the allure created by imperfection erosion and transformation plays a central role in his designs, Kath is uncompromisingly conservative where quality is concerned. See more at his showroom in New York or his website below.

Meet more Domotex Unusual Rug Designers and Stars! They make you smile!

555 West 25th Street New York, New York

Email:  Gabyhersog@jan-Kath.de




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